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Bridge To Vision
There are nearly one and a half million people in the UK with a learning disability People with Learning Disabilities are particularly prone to having eye problems – up to 1 in 3 people with Learning Disabilities have a sight problem.
 It is so important that all optometrists are aware of how to best engage with this client group.
Despite UK Government policy many people with learning disabilities are still often denied health care, including access to eye care services.

Promoting the eye care needs of adults with learning disabilities is a vital concern to Raymond White. He firmly believes that eye care services can radically improve peoples’ lives and has been working in this area for a considerable number of years.
As an aid to staff in care facilities we use the RNIB recommended post eye exam report for patients with learning disabilities - see the Sample Form on the next page.
 This form provides carers with easy to understand practical information about the patient’s eyes and vision information, which can be transferred to their overall health record or ‘passport’.
Raymond White recently completed the RNIB/Action For Blind/Leeds LOC workshop on managing patients with learning disabilities – Bridge To Vision.
This covered the two core competencies of Communication Skills and Visual Function.
'Bridge to Vision' explains the alternative testing methodologies available, as well as the key considerations for dispensing and clinical decision-making.
 Already working in this area, both in his own practice and in residential care homes, the course enhanced Raymond’s experience with this particular client group
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